What You Need To Know About RF Amplifiers And Gain

10 June 2020
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RF amplifiers are critical components in the transmission of radio frequency signals. Many types of RF amplifiers are in use today, and each variety is designed to offer a unique benefit to the user. One such benefit available through an RF amplifier is gain.

If you are able to understand the importance of gain in radio frequency transmissions, you will be able to determine when an RF amplifier capable of providing adequate gain is needed in the future.

What is Gain?

When referring to RF amplifiers, gain is the term used to describe an increase in the amplitude of a radio frequency signal. Signal amplitudes can vary for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the amplitude is determined by the transmitting component. Sometimes, the amplitude is lost due to outside interference.

If the incoming amplitude is too low when it's processed by a receiver, the result will be a signal with poor quality. RF amplifiers can be valuable tools in helping you regulate radio frequency signal amplitude more effectively.

When is Gain Required?

Gain doesn't always factor into the equation when creating a radio frequency transmitting system. There are two primary circumstances where gain will become an important variable in the quality of your signal.

The first circumstance where the use of gain is required is when the amplitude of your signal must be increased to match the input range of a receiving device.

Signals that are too low in amplitude cannot be received and processed effectively by components like an A/D converter. An RF amplifier can increase the amplitude of the signal until it falls within the input device's optimal reception range.

The second circumstance where gain can be useful is when you want to maintain the stability of the signal-to-noise ratio. An RF amplifier can continually boost the signal to help keep noise interference to a minimum.

How do RF Amplifiers Control Gain?

The primary focus of an RF amplifier designed for gain is to boost signal levels while minimizing noise interference and distortion. This is accomplished by controlling the amplitude of the signal.

An RF amplifier can adjust the amplitude of the signal as it passes through the device. Some RF amplifiers are equipped with a fixed gain value, while others allow you to select from a range of gain values to fit your unique needs.

An RF amplifier is a versatile and useful tool that can help you improve the quality of your radio frequency signals over time.

For more information on RF amplifiers, reach out to a local electronics store.