What Makes Smartphones Slow?

16 September 2017
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Do you have a brand new smartphone, such as a newly-released iPhone model, or even last year's model fresh from a new box? Even among other major smartphone brands, these devices aren't cheap and should be performing fast enough to bring up apps in seconds, websites at the speed of available internet, and shouldn't crash unless the app is written poorly. To understand why a smartphone isn't running as fast as you'd like, here are a few ways to isolate the cause of the problem to the phone, then fix the phone's issue--unless a repair or replacement is needed. Read More 

Digital Sports Displays: A Great Option

26 July 2017
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Whether you're a school with a sports team, a community organization, or anything in between, your sports team deserves the very best. The "very best" includes digital signage that can broadcast everything from the team's name to the current score. Digital signage may not be the cheapest option for keeping score, but it is one of the best, and it's one that your players and everyone else is sure to love. Read More 

3 Reasons To Add A Thermal UAV System To Your Drones

18 June 2017
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If your company utilizes thermal imaging to survey various locations, making the decision to add a thermal imaging UAV system to your drones could prove beneficial. More and more people are relying on drones to gain accurate images of remote locations, and giving your drones thermal capabilities can increase their usefulness. Here are three reasons why you should make it a priority to invest in the addition of a thermal UAV system for sale to each of your drones in the future. Read More 

3 Reasons To Choose LED Lights For Your Refrigerated Cases

7 April 2017
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If you offer perishable items for sale to the public, you likely house your inventory in refrigerated display cases in order to ensure each individual item stays as fresh as possible. Displaying perishable goods in a refrigerated display case can be challenging, but incorporating the right lighting into your display's design can be a beneficial way to make perishable goods more visible to consumers. Here are three reasons why you should make the choice to incorporate LED lights into your refrigerated display cases in the future. Read More 

Want To Enhance Your Landscaping This Year? Hire An Electrician To Install Landscape Lighting

4 April 2017
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If you have beautiful landscaping, you can continue to enjoy it at night by installing landscape lighting. If you decide to do this, you should hire an electrician to install the lighting for you. Working with electricity can be dangerous if you are not qualified to do so. Keep reading to learn more information about this so you can light up your yard. Where to Put Landscape Lighting The first thing to do is to decide where you want to place the landscape lighting in your yard. Read More