Wireless Vehicle Charging Will Have You Always Ready To Drive

22 September 2020
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Cars that run on electric power are becoming more and more popular as more people become aware of the toll that gasoline-based vehicles can have on the environment. But while electric-powered cars are certainly interesting as a concept, they can also be a bit of a pain when it comes to charging. An electric-powered car might need to stop to "refuel" more often than a similar-sized car would if running on gasoline. But with that said, one possible solution that might make this situation easier to deal with is wireless vehicle charging. Here's how the concept works and why you might want to look into it if you own an electric car. 

Safely Through the Air

The concept of wireless charging is simple. All you need to know about wireless car charging is that the electric power is sent from a charging pad through the air to your vehicle. The technology is somewhat new but has been proven safe and is becoming more widespread.

No Need to Hook Up

The way a typical wireless vehicle charging system works is that a mat is installed in the car owner's garage or parking spot. The vehicle owner drives the vehicle over the mat and parks it there. From that point, the wireless charging system can be turned on and an electrical current transferred to the vehicle over the air. It's really not that different of a concept from a wireless phone charger. You simply put your car on or over the charger and let the system take care of the rest.

This obviously offers a great deal of convenience. You won't have to remember to actually plug your vehicle in when you get back to the garage at night. Simply park over the wireless charging mat and make sure it's turned on and you will be back at a full charge the next morning.

Wireless Charging is the Future

If you get on board with wireless charging now, you'll be on the cutting edge of electric car technology. Today, some electric car makers have charging stations out along the highway that vehicle owners can use to recharge their car. But that still often involves actually plugging something into the car itself. Imagine a future where every charging station simply has parking spots with wireless charging mats. You simply park your car over the mat and you'll start to recharge with no hassle.

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