How to Know It’s Time for a New Car Battery Installation

16 August 2021
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Your car's battery is its lifeblood. It gives power to the starter motor, which starts the engine and other systems in the car. Without it, your car won't move. It's always advisable to replace your battery with a new one if your current one starts to develop a problem. Here are a few signs that show you need a new car battery installation.

Engine Doesn't Start Quickly Enough

If your engine starts slowly, stalls on occasion, or refuses to turn over at all, this could mean there's not enough power stored in the car battery to start it. Battery installers will help you know whether or not a weak or dead car battery is causing this problem through testing it. They'll try to crank up the engine from inside the vehicle to see if it starts. If cranking in the left and right direction doesn't produce any result other than clicking noises, they'll tell you the problem that your battery has.

If the problem shows you have a dead battery, these professionals will take the battery out and install a new one. They may also replace your car battery with an updated model to increase power output.

Corroded Connectors

You may need a new battery installation if you notice corrosion on your connectors. Corrosion will often make them difficult to remove and can cause potential safety issues. It can also affect the electrical connections and system and prevent you from starting your vehicle.

Car battery installation professionals will inspect your battery system and determine the cause of corrosion on the connectors. If the corrosion has affected your battery, they'll install a new one and clean up the corrosion buildup. This way, you'll be able to start your vehicle and get back on the expressway.

Sulfurous Odor

If your battery is emitting a sulfurous odor, it's time for an installation. Low sulphuric acid levels mean that the battery has already reached capacity and can't hold any more charge than what you see on the gauge. It's always wise to call an installer to check the source of the odor because it could also be coming from other sources like fuel fumes or engine oil leaks which aren't easy to figure out if you're not a professional. If it's coming from your battery, these professionals will clean the wires and connectors and replace your battery with a new one. They will also test the battery to make sure that it can hold a charge. This will restore your car's power and protect your car's electrical system.

A new car battery installation can be an excellent investment. It can save your car from more damage and expensive repairs. If you see any of these signs, contact a technician.