4 Myths About Ipad Repairs

9 May 2022
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When an iPad is damaged, a common concern some people have is whether or not the device is good anymore. For this group, the good news is that these devices can be repaired more often than not. So, if someone tells you otherwise — you want to think twice. Make sure you know the truth about iPad repairs so that you can get the most out of your investment. 

1. Repairs Stop at Cosmetic Issues 

If someone tells you that repairs to these devices are limited to cosmetic issues, such as a cracked screen, this information is false. While not every problem is repairable, iPad repairs can also involve more technical components of these devices. Camera replacement and memory drive replacements are just some of the technical issues that a repair service can address.

2. Repair Locations are Limited

One of the more common myths surrounding iPad repair is that only the device manufacturer can perform repairs. However, the reality is that third-party repair professionals have extensive training that allows them to repair these devices, just as the manufacturer's technicians can. Even better is that third-party repair professionals often have more options for repair locations and offer their services at a lower cost, which is a win-win.

3. Replacement Parts Are Hard to Find

Another issue you might hear frequently is the idea that replacement parts are hard to find. This theory somewhat comes from the idea that only the manufacturer can perform repairs. However, the reality is that third-party repair centers have equal access to replacement parts. As a result, not only can you find the parts that you need to repair your iPad, but you also do not have to worry about it taking a long time to locate these parts. 

4. Costs Outweigh Value

Some people think that it does not make sense to repair their device because the cost to repair the device might outweigh the value of the device. A better way to look at this issue is to consider whether the cost of repairing the device outweighs the cost of purchasing a brand new iPad. More often than not, a repair will cost considerably less than a new purchase, so it makes sense to have repairs performed. 

Keep all these tips in mind in the event your device is damaged so that you can get the tablet repairs you need to be performed as soon as possible.