Deciding On A Soundbar For Your UTV

14 November 2022
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Driving off-road in a utility terrain vehicle can take you through some pretty rough landscapes. Depending on why you're out where you are (UTVs tend to be more work-oriented and not fun-oriented), it may help to have some music or another form of audio streaming as you drive. A soundbar attached to the roof of the UTV is an option, especially if there's another UTV driving with you, and you want them to hear the music as well. The soundbar also provides sound when you're parked and could do with some music as you work. Soundbar options vary, but for UTVs, you'll want to have some specific ones.

Can You Stream Music From Your Phone?

What sources can provide music through the soundbar? Are you limited to just whatever radio features might be on the UTV? Can you stream music from your phone via Bluetooth? The more options you have for the source of the audio, the better the soundbar may be simply due to variety. For example, if the radio is the only source, that doesn't help if you're out of range of stations or if your UTV has no radio component. If you can connect the soundbar to a separate portable radio or MP3 player, great, but does the UTV have a spot where you can anchor the player so that it doesn't fly out as you travel over harsh terrain? These aren't always as compact as phones and often don't have Bluetooth connectivity if they're older.

How Tough Is the Soundbar?

Any soundbar that's meant to be attached to a UTV must be tough. The soundbar you buy should be as weather-resistant as possible and able to be in dirty, dusty environments. While you'll still have to clean it off for the best sound quality, the sound shouldn't suddenly fade as you're driving, nor should cables pop out after you drive over a bump or ditch.

What Extras Does It Have?

Soundbars can be pretty basic, which works for many people. Some, however, prefer a few extra features, such as extra bass settings or lights on the soundbar. Many have Bluetooth capability, but some don't, so keep an eye out if you want that feature.

Soundbars for UTVs are not like the soundbar you put on your bookcase in front of your TV. These soundbars have to be sturdy and able to be securely fastened to the UTV so that there are no problems using them while you drive. Take a look at what's available and compare these models to your ideal.

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