Three Applications For Custom Wiring Drawings That You Might Find Useful And Interesting

27 May 2016
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Electrical wiring is something best left to engineers or electricians. However, new technology is changing that idea dramatically. You can now provide certain companies with a specific diagram of anything that needs electrical wiring, present your unique wiring problems, and then request a diagram of how the wiring could be installed by your professional so that you get power without compromising electrical pathways. Here are three applications for custom wiring drawings that you might find useful and interesting.

Custom Electric Guitars

Recently, the world lost two famous musicians (Prince and Bowie) who were known for many things, including their very unique electric guitars. To get a custom electric guitar to work, it needs custom wiring. If you want your own custom electric guitar, you could request a custom wiring drawing from a company that produces these specific diagrams. Your drawing would solve any complications of trying to figure out how to wire the unique shape of your guitar and help it function as it should.

Electric Security Door Wiring

Security doors of all kinds need to be wired for power in order to work. Sometimes these doors are located in awkward places, or you need more security out of the door than is customarily provided. (If your security company does not have connections with the business that does wiring drawings and diagrams, you can take the initiative and take photos and do some rough sketches of the door to send to the wiring drawing company.) Be sure to include details of what the door currently does and what you actually need it to do, as well as the brand of door and the brand of security system inside it. Then the company that produces your custom wiring drawing will produce a detailed diagram that will help your security company recreate the security door of your dreams.

Compact Medical Equipment for Emergency Transport

A third application for custom wiring drawings/diagrams is compact medical equipment. Whether you have an idea for an EKG machine that can fit on an ambulance shelf in the back of the truck or an ultrasound printer that fits in the palm of your hand, any such device needs custom wiring. With these pieces of medical equipment, trying to go smaller but still make them as effective as their larger cousins means that you have probably encountered several difficulties with the wiring.

The computers that create the wiring drawings to help you out of this jam are already pre-programmed with numerous algorithms to help resolve many electrical issues with wiring. Ergo, you can move forward with your ideas on compact medical equipment for emergency transport because these computer-created wiring drawings will resolve most, if not all, of your electrical issues. Contact a company like Rapid Wiring Solutions for more information.