3 Reasons To Choose LED Lights For Your Refrigerated Cases

7 April 2017
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If you offer perishable items for sale to the public, you likely house your inventory in refrigerated display cases in order to ensure each individual item stays as fresh as possible. Displaying perishable goods in a refrigerated display case can be challenging, but incorporating the right lighting into your display's design can be a beneficial way to make perishable goods more visible to consumers.

Here are three reasons why you should make the choice to incorporate LED lights into your refrigerated display cases in the future.

1. LED bulbs have a long life.

It can be challenging to change out the light bulbs on your refrigerated display cases, so investing in bulbs that will last for a long time can be a beneficial choice. LED light bulbs are designed to remain operational for tens of thousands of hours (and possibly longer).

This long lifespan can be attributed to the absence of delicate parts that are found in standard bulbs. LED lights don't rely on a filament or igniter to function properly, so they are more durable and can shine brighter for longer periods of time than their standard bulb counterparts. This long lifespan makes LED lights perfect for your refrigerated display cases.

2. LED bulbs can be customized.

Since perishable items can be difficult to see when they are stacked inside of refrigerated display cases, you really need to be able to use lighting to draw attention to these products so consumers can purchase them. LED light bulbs offer you the benefit of customizing the lighting display inside of your refrigerated cases to grab the attention of consumers.

You can install really bright bulbs to ensure products are seen, or you can install colored bulbs that will create a festive atmosphere during holiday seasons. The versatility provided by LED bulbs makes them a great addition to your refrigerated display cases. You can talk with a professional, like Beyond LED Technology, for more information.

3. LED bulbs can reduce energy consumption.

The type of lighting that you use in your refrigerated display cases can have a significant impact on the overall energy usage of these cases.

Incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat, which could cause your display cases to have to work harder in order to maintain the cool temperatures needed to keep your perishable items fresh. LED bulbs do not emit heat, which makes them perfect for use in a cooled environment.

When you are able to identify some of the benefits associated with LED lighting, it's easy to see why you should choose LED lights to help illuminate your refrigerated display cases in the future.