3 Reasons To Add A Thermal UAV System To Your Drones

18 June 2017
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If your company utilizes thermal imaging to survey various locations, making the decision to add a thermal imaging UAV system to your drones could prove beneficial. More and more people are relying on drones to gain accurate images of remote locations, and giving your drones thermal capabilities can increase their usefulness.

Here are three reasons why you should make it a priority to invest in the addition of a thermal UAV system for sale to each of your drones in the future.

1. Thermal-capable drones can save money.

If you routinely require access to thermal images of an area in order to make important business decisions, obtaining these images can be costly. In order to help reduce the costs associated with thermal surveys, you should have thermal UAV systems added to your drones.

Drones can be manned by a single employee, reducing the number of people and resources required to get the thermal images your company needs. Reducing the manpower and resources required to capture thermal images will help you keep your overhead costs low, making thermal UAV systems for your drones  a worthwhile investment.

2. Vast areas can be captured with a thermal-capable drone.

Traditional thermal imaging requires that an employee operate heavy and complex thermal equipment while riding high above the ground in an aircraft. The operation of traditional thermal equipment can be tiring, requiring several excursions in order to capture a complete thermal picture of vast areas.

Drones have the ability to fly for a significant amount of time without needing a break. By adding thermal UAV systems to your drones, you can easily capture thermal images of vast areas in a single outing. This helps you quickly gain access to the images you need to make important business decisions in the future.

3. You can view thermal images in real time with a thermal-capable drone.

The small thermal cameras that can be attached to a drone can be programmed to stream a live feed to a remote monitor. This gives you the ability to view thermal images being captured by the drone in real time rather than having to wait until the thermal survey is complete to assess the results.

Immediate access to the captured thermal images allows you to customize your surveys in order to ensure you gather the required thermal information without having to invest in a second thermal session.

Once you can identify the benefits that drones equipped with thermal capabilities can provide your company, it becomes easy to justify the expense of adding thermal UAV systems to your drones in the future.